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You are privileged to navigate this amazing site.You would discover in the course of time.Many of you who are confused about do s and don't s about your own health.Every one in the world gives you a health advice.Everyone is ready to give you suggestions about your signs and symptoms and ways to tackle it.But frequently such information are misleading and many times it proves disastrous.In our communities all the health knowledge database of the common people is mingled with false beliefs myths misconceptions etc.The motive of this  site is to give a general community clear understanding of health sciences to employ in their life and zero cost or low cost method to  tackle the particular disease and condition.Many sites doing such activities tend to either promote their hospital or business or tend to highlight their name in the society.This site has no such intention to promote any profit making hospital and increase their patient number.I also don’t want to increase my own popularity over net.So I have never published my name on any of my website intended to social work.Though I can not strictly claim that I am running non profit venture because I have added donate button on my e-opd blog page on the request of visitors of my site.I had more than one lac subscribers of my site .For the purpose of saving memory I had removed many of you from user list.For this I feel Sorry .All the site maintenance work is done by myself.I want to tell about me that I am medical graduate with expertise in occupational health and safety.Further I have not used occupational health topics till now because I have different registered domains for that purpose.



Medical Records storage and review service
Upload and keep your medical records and access it from anywhere.Apart from this your report would be analyzed by your virtual doctor and advice personalized to you would be given.You can upload through your mobile also by taking snapshot of your medical prescription,blood and urine reports,x-ray,C scan or ultrasonography reports.Instructions for uploading your medical reports can be found here


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Modern medicine has advanced to its extremes and this is the era of microspecialization.An individual is considered as a machine and its different parts are assigned for the different healthcare specialists.We know very well that life is the synchronized effect of all those parts.So there is an increasing need that the individual should be considered as a whole in the matter of healthcare.Apart from this there are numerous systems of medicine which have their own merits as well as demerits or limitations.Nothing cam be blindly applied with everyone.For some people the suffering can be relieved by counselling itself and for some, with dietary changes,some with lifestyle modification,some with herbs,some with medicines and some with tantras and mantras.I don't support and refute any system of medicine.I would try to just take out best from everything and deliver to the community for their benefits.And to provide clear concept about their health.You can go through some of my published topic on www.e-opd.com/blog to have a look about my post and you would find it extremely informative and it would provide you full insight.My site is not intended for medical professionals and I tend to simplify the things to make the healing art imbibable for the masses.This is my little effort to provide social service from my side free of cost.The site would be revised and new posts would be added if my usual busy schedule permits me.
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 Disclaimer:E.opd.Inc. does not give any guarantee of its services.Users are advised to use their own discretion in implementing the health advice obtained from our sites and we take no responsibility for any harm caused directly or indirectly.
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